IS and Tivoli OMI vs JMX

I have been looking into using JMX for managing and monitoring the IS with the intent of eventually using Tivoli to facilitate this. I have read that JMX is the underlying functionality of the OMI protocol, and have browsed the JMX services that exist within the WmOMIAgent package.

These services are not documented anywhere, and I was curious if anyone had used these services to any capacity in the past, predominately to integrate with Tivoli. At the very least, maybe someone knows the format of object “name” that is an input to most of those services.

I have read that you can use OMI to integrate with Tivoli, but was not sure how this would be accomplished. Would you still need manager server to handle the OMI events, and Tivoli monitoring manager server? That doesn’t make much sense to me, and think that utilizing the JMX functionality would be more effective (if feasible). Do I need some sort of adapter to Tivoli (I didn’t see anything on the IBM web site)? How would I send messages via OMI to Tivoli?

Lastly, I have installed the JBoss package and deployed MBeans that invoke IS services. Obviously, something would have to manage them. Supporting JBoss in production is not something that we are willing to do at this point, even as a last resort.

Thanks in advance for any help that is offered.