IS Admin page of one server node not accessible

Hello All,

We are using wM 9.7, Every Monday after the server restart, the IS Admin page of one of the node does not open.

When we log on to the server machine and try to open the page from there, the page opens. Also after this activity, the page is accessible from other machine as well.

But after some time, again we are not able to open the page from outside.

So when we open the IS page from server machine, the page opens from outside for some time but again the issue persist.

Has anyone faced this type of issue?

Appreciate your help…

Thanks & Regards,

From reading your note the issue is not permanent an it is intermittent.

Analyse the logs to find the root cause. Also make sure there is no issue with network traffic or any port blocking.

Nikhil – Do you have all latest fixes ? Also did you observe the same behaviour with other browsers ?. If issue still persist check logs to find any clue. If all looks green then better open a ticket to SAG support.


Hi Nikhil,

is it always the same node which is affected?

Any informations in the Server.Log or Error.Log of the affected instance?


Hello All,

The issue has been resolved.

The reason was that there was a Network Intrusion policy from SEPM manager enabled on the server node machine. The Network team disabled the same and the issue has been resolved.

Thanks for you efforts.


My guess was correct. Thanks :lol: