IS 7.1.2 - Tasks disappearing from Scheduler

Hello everybody,

we are observing strange phenomena on our customer’s production environment with tasks disappearing from the scheduler.

There is a service that creates tasks to resubmit documents to users after a selectable interval of time (1 to 7 days), when the user clicks the respective button in the frontend.

For some reason sometimes a task disappears from the scheduler and therefore the document to which it belongs does not get resubmitted. There is no recognizable pattern as to why and when a task vanishes.

Does somebody have any ideas what can cause Integration Server (or any other component) to delete a task from the scheduler.

I have no idea where to start my search to solve that problem. :confused:

Thank you very much in advance


are these tasks scheduled to run in Cluster?

Uhm, I guess so. They were originally designed in a 1-server-environment but the customer runs IS in a cluster, yes.

So, could this be a hint?


I believe there’s fix for scheduler issue in 7.1.2. Check out IS fixes, i don’t remember the exact fix name…

Thanks for the reply. I will check on that.

I could find documentation to several issues in 7.1.2 concerning the scheduler in the context of a cluster environment, but nothing that matches my problem with tasks disappearing.

Any more ideas?

These scheduled jobs are stored in database. You might want to check your JDBC Pools and investigate it from that end too.

Are these tasks created by the front end are of type:Run Once? If so then these will be cleared off by the IS after the time specified in the properties of the task.

The tasks are created by a flow service, which is called through a web service from the frontend.

Yes, these are one-off tasks that might be cleared once they are “Expired” but they disappear at random while still being active.

For some reason this phenomenon has stopped occurring.

I don’t know if the customer’s admin is telling me everything they do there. But today he said that this problem hasn’t come back for more than a week now.

As it is not reproducible anymore, I’d say we can close this case.

Thanks to all who tried to help!


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