IS 7.1.2 and DB2 - tablespace with sufficient page size does not exist

Hi everybody,

I wasn’t quite sure where to ask this. Hope this forum is the correct one.

I have installed a fresh and clean instance of Integration Server 7.1.2 and created the database with the on Solaris 10.

The DB2 database v 9.5 is running on a windows machine. The dbConfigurator finished with no errors. Everything seemed fine. Also the initial setup and running of MWS finished perfectly without any error or warning.

Now, when I start Integration Server and it comes to the point where it wants to startup the WmPRT package I get the following Exception in the Error-Log:

The server log also writes this message consistently in 5 second intervals.

I have read dozens of forum entries to the DB2 error, all pointing to solutions where one should create a Buffer Pool with a larger page size and associate that buffer pool to the TEMP tablespace in question (in my case this would be the WEBMTEMP tablespace).

However, all table spaces I have checked already have the maximum page size of 32K set. I cannot increase anything here.

I don’t get the problem here. It’s not like I haven’t set up IS instances before. Even on DB2. Even on that very database server where another instance is running flawlessly.

Any hints where to look for the cause for the problem? Is the WmPRT package the root or only a victim?

Your help is greatly appreciated,

I think I have found a hint, if not already the solution.

There are two potential reasons (two, because I was desparate and lost count of all the things I tried):

  1. There was most likely insufficient disk space, because of which DB2 could not automatically increase the file size for the table spaces. I cleaned up the disk and made some extra 5 GB available.

  2. DB2’s system managed temp table space was only using 4KB pages. So I created a new buffer pool with 32KB pages and a new system temp table space, which uses that new buffer.

Now I got past the error on startup when activating the WmPRT package and the obnoxious error message is gone.

It seems the problem is solved.

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