IS 46 calling webServices

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I need to call a webService from an IS flow service. What should I do? Is there an adapter for webServices?


do you have WSDL? just create the Web Service Connector.

also, what versions you are running for webMethods.


Web services clients like Apache Axis, Visual Studio .Net and webMethods Glue provide utilities to generate code to invoke web services from WSDL files. They all parse the WSDL file to determine what code to generate. Apache and Glue call their utilities WSDL2JAVA.

You can think of the Web Services Connector wizard in webMethods Devloper as WSDL2FLOW, because it parses a WSDL file to generate a Flow service along with IS schemas and document types.

To use the web services connector do the following:

  1. Create a new folder in your package []Choose the File->New command []Choose “Web Service Connector” from the dialog box []Specify the folder you created above then click Next []Supply the URL or filename of the WSDL file you want to use

The wizard will then parse the WSDL file to generate the schemas, doctypes and flow services.

To run the web service connector, click on the Flow service with the globe icon and run it in Developer. You will need to supply the authentication credentials in the “auth” document if your web service requires login information.


Hi guys,

I know Visual Studio .NET offers nice features for webservices (I did use it for some applications). I also saw some demo for ColdFusion MX and Progress Open Edge10 (in 2 secs you got a code to call a webservice based on wsdl…)

I read on the wmusers site that Glue server from WM enables webServices, but I think it is available for 6.1 suite…

Anyway, I have to do this with Integration Server 4.6 version ( see thread subj). I also have installed Trading Networks and Business Integrator/Process Monitor…

What is this web service connector? Is possible to download it? You know if this is working with version 4.6?

Thank you

Glue version 5.0.2 is only available in the wM 6 suite and to integrate webservices written using Glue there is a feature pack for the IS and the developer on the Advantage site.


I believe WebServices functionality can be implemented in IS4.6 (webMethods started this technology from this version onwards) version,but to be frank i haven’t done webservices development using this version.

For IS4.6 you have to download webServices,SOAP packages.

So please check this in Advantage website,or contact tech support.

Mark any advice?


Are you using 4.6 with Service pack 2 …

Service Pack 2 is required if you want to convert your flow to have a soap interface and publish the WSDL, so that others can communicate over http(s) to your flow service

But to just consume others webservice no need of service pack 2 ( we faced some problems and i uninstalled service pack 2 …something to do with RPC i guess …which you can try with or without service pack 2 )

as mentioned by others

To use the web services connector do the following:

Create a new folder in your package
Choose the File->New command
Choose “Web Service Connector” from the dialog box
Specify the folder you created above then click Next
Supply the URL or filename of the WSDL file you want to use

remember dev wsdl will be different from test and prd wsdl url so you just can’t deploy the package …where ever url is mentioned in the flow services created by webMethods …

insert -

use property file to store - wsdl url’s

read property file and replace the wsdl url

also add a wrapper to webMethods flow services to incorporate try catch block to catch SOAP fault




Hi Sasi,

thank you for the detailed explanation. I just realized we do have some problems with internet connection from IS server. I am working to get it on, but I think everything is clear for me now.

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I have two issues with the Web Methods Web Service connector. I need resolutions to the problems mentioned below as soon as possible:

  1. Creating the web services connector. I had to modify the wsdl provided to me for Web Methods to recognize the schema. Examples of the changes we converting some non-xml attributes for some elements in the wsdl to the corresponding xml complex types.
    <xs:element name=“USER-ID” length=“8”> could not be interpreted so I had to change it to
    <xs:element name=“USER-ID”>
    <xs:restriction base=“xs:string”>
    <xs:length value=“8”/>
  2. Once I created the web service connector, while running the service I get a SOAP-FAULT with an error regarding deserialization. I am aware that a typical SOAP implementation would need the serializers and deserialisers for non standard datatypes to be specified. Would I need to do some thing like that in this case as well?

Serialisation error log
SerialisationError.txt (3.9 k)

Will appreciate it if some one can respond tonight or latest by tomorrow morning.