IO Adapter Processing Large Files

Does anyone have any ideas on how to process a large file ~50MB through the IO Adapter without having to batch the file. I know it’s a silly question, but the reason I cannot batch the file is that when the file is published to the broker I need an Integration Component to take the entire file and send it over the Bridge to the Integration Server in 1 piece. The file will eventually be sent to a customer via XML. I tried increasing the heap size to the max value, but the file took forever to read and did not process. Does anyone have any ideas?


Hi Tom,

This kind of a requirement can be best handled with Integration Server. If your are using webMethods 4.X integration server, You can use IS EDI module to read the flat file and convert it to XML and pass on to the service which sends the file to your customer.

This capability of handling flat files now becomes a core functionality of Integration Server in webMethods 6.

As well IS gives you better large file handling facility where in you can specify a threshold limit to treat a file as large or small.

We have used IO adapter with batch option to process large files and found EDI way as efficient and maintainable.

Hope this helps.

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Thanks Sam…I kind of figured that was going to be the case, but I wasn’t sure if there was some other way around it. Your input is very helpful.


I have seen situations where people used multiple IO adapters to process the large files. Break them into pieces and send it along different adapters and combine them in the destination folder