Invoking service via HTTP....improper output

Hi All,
Iam calling a service in IS1(like remoteInvoke) via http in IS2. This services being invoked is a java service which accepts 2 date strings and calculates the number of days in long format.
I created 2 strings(in args of data->args) with names exactly like in dateDiff service(IS1).
Now am invoking this in IS2 and it returns bytes.
I am getting status 200 and OK messsage which means it executes correctly right?
How do i convert it back to date again?

Thanks a lot

Can you share the service signature of the Java service on IS2?

If it is returning the count of days, whether as a string or a long, you won’t be able to convert it to a date because number of days is not a date. It’s a number.

Hi reamon,

I want to convert that bytes to String and let me clarify that Status 200 indicates success right?


Call the bytesToString service. 200 indicates success.