Invoke webService in Designer Task Source

Hello All,

I am have an requirement to log all the Comments the users enter in the Tasks “Comments” section. I able to collect all the Comments for the task by passing taskID.

I wanted to store all the comments to DB table, to do so I have a flow service which has taskID/Comments (StringList) as inputs. I went to Designer and opened the TaskView/Details (UI Development) and right click on the service and created the webservice Connector. I wanted to pass the taskID and CommentsList as inputs to the webService that I built.

Could anybody help me in how I can call Invoke the webService by passing the taskID and CommentsList and inputs.

Right now I am populating the comments in CUSTOM_TASK_ID.

Instead I would like to pass to webservice so that the Comments gets stored in DB Table.

Thanks in advance,