Invoke service by ftp problem

Does anyone know how to solve the following problem:
I invoke service pub.client:ftp in order to put an xml file in disk c:/ to invoke another webmethods service through ftp(5521), and I got the error “cannot write”,Anyone knows how to solve this problem?


Thanks Maulik,

You’re on the right track.

I have configure the ftp ports to “Allow by default”.

The service can be invoked through leapftp or other ways. But if I invoke the service by webmethods buildinservice:pub.client.ftp:put, It still tell me “cannot write”

Perhaps I may try other ways to invoke the service.

Hai Samuel

Use pub.client.ftp to store the xml document in your c:\ namespace…
Pass the contents of the xml document to content Service.
Enter the remote file with extension .xml ( myxml.xml).
Enter the dirpath as /admin/ftpfiles.

When you want to invoke another service in another IS use another FTP service ( Pub.client.ftp )… and give the local file as myxml.xml and dirpath as the service which u want to invoke in the remote integration server.

Give other necessary details such as port Number…Ip Address…bla bla…
of the remote IS…

Hope i have answered ur question
Please let me know if u r still confused

Thank you, RakeshTeki

At first I want to get file from remote ftp,and then through ftp way to invoke a service in my local webmethods.

Now with your ideas as soon as I get the file to local, I invoke the local service to parse the file.

I think it can not work to use buildin service ftp:put to invoke webmethods service.(For it want to write the file in the ftp server :-)),while its not a real place to write,perhaps later version can support this,no v6.0)