Invoke MWS Business Calendar from IS Service

Hi there,

I have something very interresting here (from a Business Point of View, they request it).

We defined in MWS Business Calendar by country. In one IS service, we have a special rule for mapping variable, regarding a specific country (and so a specific previous defined Business Calendar).

The Business requirement is :

If the document creation date (that we validate in the workflow) is not in the same month than the end validation date (Current Date) AND if the Current date occurs 2 working days after the beginning of the month, then the billing date should be set to the last day of the previous month. Else, the billing day is set to the current date.

I know how to compare date (same month), invoke current date …etc

But I don’t know how to “invoke” the Business Calendar (localized in MWS) to test :

" Is ‘CurrentDate’ is a Working Day in ‘Country Business Calendar’ ?"

The thing is : we have an international workflow, and sometime it’s a foreign people (compare to the country billing document) that validate it or not. That why, we can’t say: if the document is validate today, that means the currentd day is a working day in the country.

Release 7.1.1

Thanks :slight_smile: