Invoke flow service with some inputs from DSP Page

Hi Everyone,

In one scenario, i need to invoke flow service with some inputs from inside templates (

For Example,

%value dateDifferenceMin% %endinvoke%[/color][/font]

For the above flow service i have to pass the following inputs,

I am not sure, what is syntax for invoking flow service with some inputs from templates…

Once i gave the above 4 inputs to the flow service, i need to print output for variable dateDifferenceMin…

Could you please guide me? Thanks!

As long as your variables are in the pipeline and they carry the same name as the input, the service will pick them up. So if you post to your target dsp, you can include them in your source form for example. Or invoke another service which will yield the vars before you invoke your service.



Thank you very much for your valuable inputs!..