Invoke Flow service through browser

I tried to invoke the flow service (adding two integers) through the browser like this:


I got the following error:

$ Test:testD at at at at at $errorInfo$ Test:testD at at at at at $errorTest:testD$localizedErrorTest:testD$$userDefault$time2006-04-10 14:35:34 CDT$details$errorMsgId$errorTest:testD$

Suggestins Please.


The mistake was the folder name was “test” not “Test”. But I dont understand why does it show the folder name as “Test” - in the Developer

IS folder and service names are case sensitive. So you would have to match the case of the folder, subfolder or servicename exactly.

One quirk of Developer is that you can’t rename “Test” to “test” in a single step, you have to rename it something like “Test_old” first and then rename it to “test”.


Nibble (aka smallByte):
Might you have been confusing the folder name with the package name? As you probably know, the package name is not part of the service namespace.