INVOKE and MAP steps

Is it different to invoke a service via the INVOKE or the MAP command?
After discussing with several WebMethods developer it seems that the way the pipeline is passed around differs but I didn’t get any conclusive answer.


If you are referring to transformers used in MAP and direct invoke step then

  1. Transformers are used when you have a docment mappings and you want to use apply conversion on field mapping.
  2. Transformers in map step will only give output and in case if any pipeline object is not dropped in service which is used as transformer, it will supress the pipeline object. This will help is reducing unwanted pipeline variables
  3. Transformers can make your code smaller and less complex when used in right way. Ex. Instead of calling pub.flow.addInt in flow service directly, it can be used in transformer in MAP.

Hope this helps.


There are several threads on this topic in the forums. A search for “transformers” should list most of them.