Invalid value in C*-Variable

Hello all!

We got a really strange error: an invalid value in C*-Variable. This problem was reported to SAG via empower, but they can’t reproduce it at the moment (since they are on the Adabas Version 6.2.)

Our Product-Versions are: Adabas 6.1.10 and Natural - both on Solaris.

So if you are on similar Versions it would be wonderful if you could try the following:

  • Import the enclosed FDU as a new Adabas-File
  • Create a DDM (you can leave the automatically generated field names as they are, e.g. AB-1).
  • Run the following Natural-Program
define data local
1 view1 view file-242
2 AB-1
2 XA-1
2 DQ-1 (2)
2 C*DQ-1
2 AN-1
1 view2 view file-242
2 AB-1
2 c*DQ-1
store-view1. store view1
write 'store of isn' *ISN(store-view1.) /
READ (1) view1 by isn
write 'ISN view1 ' *ISN /
'C*DQ-1 ' C*DQ-1 (EM=HHHHHHHH) /
READ (1) view2 by isn
write 'ISN view2 ' *ISN /
'C*DQ-1 ' C*DQ-1 (EM=HHHHHHHH) /
if view2.c*DQ-1 > 0 /* NAT6223 here
backout transaction

My output is:

store of isn 1

ISN view1 1
C*DQ-1 303030

ISN view2 1
C*DQ-1 2C4451

BTW: If you do a NAT_TRACE=4 it seems like the record buffer contains values from the former format buffer.

But as a first step it would be very nice if anyone could reproduce that problem.


f122.DCUFDT.txt (3.33 KB)

Finally we found the reason: It seems like an adabas hotfix causes this problem…

The problem has been solved with the newest hotfix ADA_6.1_SP10_Fix010.


Yes, it’s fixed. Sorry. I forgot to tell that here. :oops: