Invalid target node (scheduler)

We are attempting to schedule a recurring task using the Scheduler (wM 7.1). However, when I click “Save tasks,” I get:
Error scheduling task: [ISS.0085.9234] Invalid target node

The literature on this indicates that this error was caused by a conflict between a server name and a host name when trying to schedule jobs on another server in the cluster, and it was fixed in a previous core fix. However, we are patched up through that core fix, and more importantly, we do NOT have clustering enabled–I am trying to schedule this on the local server only. What gives?

Uhmmm I’m not familiar with that particular error, however I remember once I messed up with ISInternal JDBC pool. I had 2 non-clustered IS’s sharing same ISInternal, and that caused both IS’s think they where clustered.

TS advided that pool configuration was wrong. My problem went away after setting both pools in different schemas.

Good luck!

I still haven’t figured out what caused this error, but I’ve found a way around it.

I went into Developer and ran, and for the “target” parameter I used “$any”. That causes the first available server in the cluster to determine that a task is ready to be run, to run it. (Using localhost or the server name in “target” didn’t help.)

So, the task is scheduled and it seems to be running OK.

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