Invalid SSL

I am running WM IS 4.6 along with TN. Using the EDIINT component, trying to establish connectivity over AS2 (HTTPS) to a Cyclone trading partner. After doing all the certificate setup on the client side and our side it appears that the client can reach us with no issues over HTTPS. But when I wm.EDIINT:send over HTTPS to them, I get the following error: Invalid SSL message, too long: 29989

I see this error in the TN Console and the IS error logs. Not sure what this error means. The trading partner sees nothing on his end. I am assuming that the HTTPS request is never making it out of my IS server. Any help is greatly appreciated.

Sorry to distract you from trouble shooting on this message- wondering why would you do HTTPS of ediint- is the payload plain without encryption and signature.

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When we are invoking wm.EDIINT:send we set:

Type = ‘SignedAndEncrypted’
RequestingSignedReceipt = ‘True’


Why do you want to do https of signed/encrypted transmission ? This is goin to be double encryption which is resource intensice and largely ediint implementations are over http and not https.

May be you have reasons?? to do https of signed/encrypted transmissions.


Having HTTPS for a singed and encrypted indeed is double security but sometimes corporate security policies/requirements are stated individualy for communications link/protocol, in this case HTTP/S and the data/payload, requiring this additional security.

Additionally, HTTPS/SSL can also provide you a certificate based connection/request authentication as opposed to weaker userid/password based authentication or no authentication.