Invalid operation: Connection is closed. ERRORCODE=-4470, SQLSTATE=08003


we are seeing JBDC connection issues on our servers whenever DB was brought down.

Connections were not able to re connect the DB is back up.

we are on windows, every weekly either DB were patched and windows servers were patched.

we have connections- SQL, Oracle, DB& DB2400, sometimes all the connections fail throwing the below error.

“Invalid operation: Connection is closed. ERRORCODE=-4470, SQLSTATE=08003”

If we restart the connection, everything works fine.

Please suggest.


I am guessing some issues with the DB drivers. Do you see any attempts to reconnect in the server log? If you do see, then the issue is with the drivers. Otherwise, please file a support ticket.

please set min connection as 0. there has some fake connection store in pool when db is down if you set min connection to some number.

Did you try this?

min connection to 0

What is the target db Oracle or MS SQL?

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I was connecting to DB2 and got similar error. Connection, minimum pool size=0 this solution worked