Invalid JDBC Driver for MS-SQL Server 2000

I’ve downloaded JDBC driver for MS-SQL Server 2000 from Microsoft, but I have an error: No suitable driver

I’ve tried to stablish a communication through a Java class and it runs properly.

Any idea about?

Thanks a lot.
Regards, Sergi.

What is the WebMethods version?

You must to include a parameter

embeddge = true in TN

Webmethods cannot read the jar file created by the install so you have to unzip the jar file. The install creates several jar files in the server/lib/classes/lib directory. Unzip the mssqlserver.jar file which will create a folder server/lib/classes/com/microsoft.

I’ve tried all those but not work at all and there isn’t such server/lib/classes/lib directory…only server/lib

You can download the Microsoft SQL Server 2000 JDBC driver from After you install, make sure to set the classpath variable properly. It comes with a couple of pdf files that give you the appropriate format for the url ad connection string.