Invalid input - stream [EDIINT.000001.000003]


We are using webMethods IS6.0.1 to send EDI document to webMethods TN6.0.1 server. We get the above error when submit to wm.EDIINT:receive service on the TN.

We use Gauranteed Delivery and I have set parameters as follows.
contentType=EDIINT (have tried application/edifact and application/EDIstream)
All other parameters ie. message-ID, AS2-From, AS2-To, ReceiptDeliveryOption.

The EDI document is converted to bytes then to stream and passed to receive. The error log is as below.
wm.EDIINT.util:isThisMDN Invalid input - stream [EDIINT.000001.000003]

Any help is appreciated.



I am posting this only for the benefit of this forum.

The cause of the error was that we have been using wrong service to receive EDI (we used wm.EDIINT:receive). Now we are using service with TN-parms attribute $contentType set to application/EDIFACT. With this problem solved.


Hi Krishnan,

Thanx for the post. it was really useful but the sender and the receiver id is not getting displayed if we use the wm.TN:receive. Do you have any idea as to what we should do in this regard? Also could you tell if you sent the file as an attachment(if so the extn) or as the body of the mail?