Internal Subroutine Names

Aargh! Just seen some Subroutines with the Name


Good the Text after the Numbers was different from these but what brings Softwaredevelopers to give their Subroutine such Names?

I Develop now for many Years not only Natural also Java, COBOL and some other Languages but i’ve never seen Functions/Methods with Numbers* in the Name. I think thats not only needless its also dangerous for maintainance. If you would insert one Subroutine/Function into such a Programm you have to renumber the following Subroutines.

And if someone come and would say it’s better to find at the Source area than i have to say what about Strg+F; Outlines (like this); Collapse/Expand Source at SPoD; Mark and Scan at BS2000 Sourceeditor;…

Is there a Natural Styleguide for naming Variables, Subroutines and the whole other Stuff?

What do you think about this?

Sascha Wiegandt

  • Except like ascii2ebcdic but not a Counternumber


I think this is legacy stuff from “good” old COBOL days, when you had to extract each loop body into a separate subroutine, and from standardized programming.

According to your avatar photo you seem to be much too young to know this :wink:

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