Intermediate Message Event


sorry if there is already a thread about this topic but i didnt found anything so i create a new once.

We have a process, which passes two random numbers and i need to try to insert a intermediate message event, who sends a document with a third number.

Can someone explain me, how can i use intermediate message event and how can i configurate (if i need it) a correlation service?



its pretty simple.
add a intermediate message event in your process, and select the correlation field under properties–>Advanced → Correlation

use the same correlation field for the start event of the process

Hello, thank you for the answer,

but it doesnt work. Can you explain it to me detailed, step by step, how i configurate the Correlation Service?


please refer to designer help or 8-X-SP2_BPM_Process_Development_Help.pdf inside C:\SoftwareAG_documentation\webMethods\Designer to know more about correlation