Intermediate Message catch event || Documents rejected by trigger

I have a process where second step is ‘intermediate message catch’ event.

  1. one message start event initiates the process instance on Arrival of Doc1.and sets a correlationID for the instance.
  2. Another Doc2 with Same correlation ID is received by the intermediate event .

My Problem is that ,sometimes Doc2 is subscibed earlier than Doc1 …so the process instance would not yet be created by then…causing the below error, How can i tell the subscription trigger to retry? by the look of it,this is not an IS runtime Exception. Is there any other way to handle this. Thank You!

[ISS.0098.0049C] [PRT.0101.9206] Intermediate Receive Step S39 of model <> version <> does not correlate to existing Process ID while executing trigger. Rejecting Document for <>:subscriptionTrigger.

Even with retry, you’d still be very depentent on timing. You should rather rethink you process. You could e.g. let both documents to start the process. I.e. you’d have two “starting branches”. The other document would be received by an intermediate catch event in the branch. Then, the two branches would join via an “exclusive or” join.