Interaction between webmethods and Aris

Hello everyone !!

Does someone knows how the interaction between webmethods and Aris (IDS Sheer) can be done ? How the 2 referentials can synchronize ?



This is a very good question.

I did a lot a research regarding the integration of ARIS and webMethods. There is very few information on that topic.

I want to explore methodologies and tool, that supports a business driven SOA. And of course ARIS is a candidate, especially regarding its ARIS SOA Architect. And since webMethods and IDS Scheer were taken over by by SAG, thís could be a good starting point. But there is no information out there, or at least, I couldn’t find any. :cry:


I believe SAG is still working on the roadmap/strategy for the integration between ARIS and webMethods suite into ONE.

Could be this is on its way soon!!


Hey together,
please check these links: and for some more information.
Hope that helps.

Thanks Nina for providing reference links…