Integration ServerTrading Networks architecture query

Hi All,

We have a customer that is represented by two separate roles within an industry marketplace. Is it possible to configure one installation of Integration server and Trading Networks to send and receive XML files on behalf of either profile?

I don’t believe this to be so. And would greatly appreciate any feedback.

I have only ever worked with
1xTN participant profile to 1xWebmethods installation, in the past so this is something I have not come across.

Thanks in advance for your time,


Hi Laura,

In my case I use one IS+TN installation to manage 2 company profiles for just one holding, using one ERP.

The key question is how do you distinguish b/w roles? Can you give me an example of how a normal process would work?


Laura: The easiest way to address this is to treat the two separate roles as two separate entities. That is, two TN profiles with unique identifiers for each.

Hi Rob and SorinC,

We are in the middle of sorting out an more accurate picture of how the BA views the business and its roles.

Once I have this I will be able to get a clearer idea of the setup. For now I am happy with the notion that a business entity can be represented by two different TN profiles.

Thanks for your responses.


if every trading partner will place your customer in one role or the other (but not both), then it’s really no big deal. Just define your customer’s appropriate role in TPA, and you’re set.

Problem crops up when your customer will be acting in both roles with a particular trading partner. Depends on how you set up your Model. Normally even for standard-based integration (say EDI or RosettaNet), your inbound and outbound documents should be different, so you still can define different TPAs. e.g. EDI X12 850 <-> SAP ORDERS integration, your inbound DocType is X12 850, your outbound DocType is ORDERS – meaning you can still differentiate between the actions you’re performing based solely upon Sender/Receiver/AgreementID.