Integration server start up

Hi All,

I want to know,how can we ensure that the Integration Server is started successfuuly.

One way is by checking through browser wiht “localhost:port”.

Is there any other way?


you can check the server log, see if the loading process finish successfully.
you also can check the process ISNTSvc.exe in windows task manager.

If IS is running on unix environment you can do ‘ps -ef | grep java’ to know the status.

ps -ef|grep java does not neccessary show that the IS has started successfully. It just give the process id of the java instance. If server gets hangs while starting or while waiting for something you may get true result of ps -ef|grep java command, but server has not started yet.

I am not sure whats the best way, but the simple way to is to check through IE browser or from server logs.

Using a monitoring tool that can do http posts/gets, invoke wm.server:ping. It returns a date/time string. If the service responds, IS is up and running (but no inference on how well it is running).

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