Integration Server running slow

Hi all,

We have Integration server(IS) insalled on unix cluster, other IS instances are running good but a particular IS is running ver slow.

I checked from admin console the threads been used, the heap size of IS, service being called, but everything looks good.

Do anyone have any idea what might be the problem for IS running very slow. We are using webMethod 8 IS.

I would really appreciate we some one help me for this issue.



IS can be slow for various reasons.

  1. Try checking if any other application is running on the same host
  2. check for long GC pauses(unlikely as you’ve mentioned everything looks same as in other nodes of the cluster).
  3. check host performance is(CPU usage, disk usage)



Facing a slow running IS, I would :

  • Check about GC activities : use verboseGC to generate some statistics and then study the % lost in GC.
  • check database connectivities and then study slow queries.
  • ensure the machine is not swapping.
  • verify system settings (kernel stuffs, patches, background processes, JVM version).

Even part of a cluster, each IS behave individually so a local activity, a network issue or a misconfiguration at kernel level may create issue on only one member w/o impacting others.