Integration Server (IS) AG Designer MAP not returning value

Hi, can someone please explain what does ?? mean on mapping a value, for example: name ?? : MAP (–name–) , it looks like a condition but its not working or returning a value

Hi Nhlahla,

can you elaborate a bit more on your question, please?

Please provide some samples of what you have tried so far, what you want to implement and where the outcome of your tries was not that one you expected.

Please have a look at the “Working with Designer” and “Service Development Help” Guide for further informations.


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Looks like you’re describing a label. Unless it is within a BRANCH it does nothing. Perhaps someone had a question about what the MAP is doing and wanted to mark it by putting ?? in the comment field but put it in the label instead. But that just speculation.

If you can, share a screen shot of the step and surrounding steps.


I think someone was trying to not map the value, so by adding ?? for the value not to be recognised. thanks for explanation.

Nhlahla, Please share the screen shot would help if this is still an burning issue.!!


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