Integration Server connecting to wrong UM


On one IS, we configure JNDI Providers (the one we use is DEFAULT_IS_JNDI_PROVIDER) :

Detail of this provider (Please note URL vm0lapp042) :

Then we have a JMS Connection (BUTRcuMsg) :

Configured to use the JMS Provider DEFAULT_IS_JNDI_PROVIDER :

The problem is that when we try to Enable this JMS Connection, it tries to connect to another host than the one we specified vm0lesb030 instead of vm0lapp042

Unfortunately I did not set up the IS or the UM, I just joined the company and I found this problem.

Thank you in advance for your help.


please check the ConnectionFactory on the UM server via Enterprise Manager.

Was this ConnectionFactory deployed from the other UM server?

Looks like it is still pointing to original UM server instead to the own UM server.

The Provider points to the Directory containing the informations for i.e. the Connection Factories.
The Connection itself looks up the parameters in the JNDI and then tries to connect to the server described in the connection factory.


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Hi MM ,

I agree with Holger , please verify the metadata of the connection factory created on UM.

Open enterprise manager and snoop on the naming/defaultContext and verify the properties(make sure it is pointing to correct host) of the connection factory.

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