Integration Server 8.2 Clustering Questions

Currently we have IS/Broker 6.x in Production (no IS or Broker Cluster now). We are upgrading to WM 8.2 version.
As part of the upgrade, we are planning to set up IS Cluster in QA and PROD environments.

I have the following questions about IS Clustering.
Information about our new environment:
IS 8.2 SP1, Broker 8.2 SP1
IS Adapters: EnterpriseOne Adapter, WebSphere MQ Adapter, JDBC Adapter, Flatfile adapter

  1. About 3rd party Load balancer:
    In general, what are the types of IS service requests that get Load Balanced?
    Specifically we have EnterpriseOne Adapter RTEs (Real Time Events), MQ Messages (using WebSphere MQ Adapter), File Polling transactions:
    Do these all get load balanced across Integration Servers in the Cluster (IS Flow/Adapter Services)?
    OR the Load balancing is only for Http and Web Service requests (coming from external IS clients)?

The reason I ask is: We only have a couple of web services. So if the Load Balancer doesn’t support E1 Adapter/MQ Adapter services then we don’t want to use the 3rd Party Load Balancer.
Is it OK NOT to use Load Balancer while doing IS Clustering?? Is it architecturally supported by WM?

  1. Are there any IS services (any specific adapter services, file polling port services) that should NOT be clustered (might cause problems in a Cluster setup)?

Any help or guidance you provide are greatly appreciated: