Integration Server 601 Hanging

We’re having ongoing problems with IS randomly hanging. We’re on AIX 4.3.3, using Java version 1.3.1. This doesn’t seem related to any load or activity on the system. Sometimes it hangs during development activities, sometimes in the middle of the night when there’s no traffic on the development host. During the hang, there’s no response from IS in any way, but the process is still present. Current wisdom holds that the problem is a thread deadlock, somehow related to the auditing layer. Anyone seen such behavior? Ideas, thoughts?

This sounds like an issue found in 4.01 IS. A patch was created but I haven’t heard of this issue since. I assume your using WM 6.01. What adaptors and versions are you using. I’m thinking along the lines of a jdbc issue. We found the database connection installation documentation to be less than helpful.

What build of JVM Version 1.3.1 are you using, Some of the builds are having problems like thread lock. We are using JVM 1.3.1_08 after we had problems with our JVM Version and now its working fine. Even for us the server used to hang with the previous JVM Version.