Integration Platform

We are in process of defining a common Integration Platform for our organzation on WebMethods.

Please tell me, What factors we have to consider to make it scalable in future.

Please help me with your suggestions.

Many thanks.

That’s a pretty broad question. You might find some helpful information in the webMethods GEAR best practices white papers available on Advantage.

In addition, there are some great discussions here on wMUsers related to scalability.

Scalabilitiy strategies vary according to which webMethods products you are using. Assuming that most of the work that IntegrationServer will be doing will be received over HTTP/S, a hardware load balancer is the recommended approach for distributing that work across multiple Integration Servers.



Following GEAR 6 documents will probably help you :

  • GEAR 6 Performance Tuning White Paper.pdf

  • GEAR 6 Architecting White

    • GEAR 6 Architecture Approach and Guidelines.pdf
    • GEAR 6 Architecture Components Overview.pdf
  • GEAR 6 Integration Pitfalls White Paper.pdf

GEAR 6 which is set of Best practices and methology for Integration project involving particularly WebMethods product. You can download documents on Advantage web site.