Integration of Integration cloud, API gateway and API portal products in SAG cloud

Below sections details how service built in the integration cloud can be published in API portal which then can be used by end-user.


1. Create tenant in SAG cloud, subscribe for Cumulocity, Integration cloud, API Gateway and API Portal

Integration cloud

1. Follow the steps to create new integration as in:

This service adds device in cumulocity. Any other simple service can also be used.

2. Login to SoftwareAG Cloud <> using tenant details and open Integration Cloud.

3. Click “Develop” > click “Rest APIs” > click “Add New Rest API” > select “Build from scratch”. Provide following details

Save as: Name of the API [TestAPI]

Swagger Title: Swagger name [TestSwagger]

Version: API version [1]

Consumes/Produces: check “application/json” and “application/xml”

 Click “Save”

4. Click “Resources” > click “Add New Resource” and provide following details

Path: rest API path [/testrest]

Mapped Integration: select [TestIntegration]

HTTP Methods: select [Post]

Click “Save and Continue” > Click “Save and Finish”

5. Click “Swagger” tab, > click “Authorize” provide username and password ( tenant mail and password) > click “Done”

6. Click “post/testrest” > click “Try it out”, in the json body provide “true” for “c8y_IsDevice”

Click “Execute”, Response code should be 200

Select “json” in “Download swagger” dropdown, a file will be downloaded [TestAPI.json].

API Gateway

1. Login to SoftwareAG Cloud <> using tenant details and open API Gateway.

2. Click “APIs” > click “Create API” > select “Import API from file” and provide following details

Select file: Browse file that has been downloaded in “Integration cloud: Step6 [TestAPI.json]

Name: Name for the API [APIGatewayTestAPI]

Type: select “Swagger”

Click “Create”

3. Click “Policies” tab > click “Edit” >  select “Identify & Authorize Application” under “Identify & Access” > under “Identification Type” check “API Key” and Save


4. Click on “User Profile” Image > click “Administration” > click “Destinations” > click “API Portal” under “Gateway configuration” provide username and password (tenant credentials) > click “Publish

5. Click “APIs” tab > Activate [APIGatewayTestAPI] by sliding toggle switch  > Publish API by clicking Publish button

API Portal

1. Login to SoftwareAG Cloud <> using tenant details and open API Portal.

2. Click “API Gallery” tab > published API [APIGatewayTestAPI] will be seen, click “View details” > click “Try API”, in the information message “This API requires authentication by [APIKey]. To obtain an access token, click here”, click “click here” link.

3. Provide Application name [TestToken] > click “Request Token” > click “Close” > Refresh the page, Token will be generated automatically

4. Under “Header parameters” > click “Security” > select “Basic Authentication” as Type and provide tenant credentials > click “Update”

Under “API method request” paste below json body


  "c8y_IsDevice": true


Click “Test”, Device id and 200 response code will appear in the response 


5. For cross verification, login to SoftwareAG Cloud <> using tenant details and open Cumulocity. Click “Device Management” >  click “Devices” > click “All devices”

A device would have been added with a device id as below,