Integration Monitor - ClassNotFoundException


every time I try to open Integration Monitor, I get the java error:

Could not find driver class. Verify that the driver is included in Java classpath.
java.lang.ClassNotFoundException: com

I also tried to connect via the Oracle thin-driver, but the same error occured (with other driver name).

The OS is W2k Advanced Server and there is a user environment variable named “classpath” defined that includes both the oracle’s and sequelink’s sl52_cj21.jar. Also there exists a system environment variable named “CLASSPATH” which includes them, too.

Thanks in advance!


Try including your CLASSPATH variables in the line, CLASSPATH=… inside the file, server.bat, located at webMethods-home directory\integrationServer4\bin.

Place the Oracle driver in the following dir
and mssql driver in the following dir

hope this helps!!!