Integration Folders using Enterprise Integrator not unique

Hello. I am very frustrated using Enterprise Integrator. We are having all kinds of problems trying to nest integration components within Integration Folders within EI.

One would think that the following nesting would be allowed in EI:

\Integration Folders\FolderA\FolderX\integrationComponent1

\Integration Folders\FolderB\FolderX\integrationComponent2

Isn’t the entire folder hierarchy considered part of the name space ? Why create a “tool” that allows nesting folders in a hierarchy but not consider the entire folder hierarchy when checking for uniqueness !!! Hello McFly !!! Have I suddenly been teleported to Bizarro-World where common sense doesn’t exist (and there is peace in the middle-east) !!!

What do I do if I want to repeat a folder name under a different top level folder ? This is a perfectly reasonable request.

If anyone has any suggestions, or would like to suggest a “best practise” regarding Integration folder naming then please do so.

I’m guessing that the majority will respond: “Don’t worry, when version 6 comes along Enterprise Integrator goes away”. I will agree with this statement after we convert completely over to version 6…however until we convert we will still need to develop/maintain the existing integration components using EI.

Feedback from all you webMethods Enterprise Integrator veterans will be appreciated…



The problem is that in ES Integration components are stored in the broker as Document Types. All of them reside under the Activeworks/IntegrationComponent folder so that is why you are having the problem. You will find the same is true for Integration folders as well. The hierarchy you see in Enterprise Integrator is strictly for presentation. The only thing you will be able to do is name them uniquely.

Tim, thanks for the info.

Any tips on naming folders ? Do I have to do the following:

\Integration Folders\FolderA\FolderX_1\integrationComponent1

\Integration Folders\FolderB\FolderX_2\integrationComponent2

All I can say is: Unbe-FREAKING-lievable !!

I’m not “shooting the messenger”…just ranting/venting…but why didn’t they use the complete integration folder hierarchy when storing the integration components as document types ?? Instead they store all the nested folders at the same level under “Activeworks/Integrations” !!! If you had a web cam on me right now you would see my running around the office knocking over furniture and pulling out my hair (what little I have left).

Time for my medication…


Part of it can be attributed to the evolution of the product. EI was very late to the dance.

One note of consolation–EI is being eliminated.

Naming conventions are always a matter of personal preference but here are a couple of guidelines that might fit:

  • Keep nesting to a minimum. It provides little benefit and increases the chances of name collision (as you well know).

  • When nesting is used, repeat the upper levels all the way down. Such as:

\Integration Folders\abc\abc_1\abc_1_IC1

This gives you a fighting chance of avoiding name collisions, as long as the top level folders are unique.

Switch to IS when you can! :wink:


Thanks for the comments.
I’ve calmed down now (the drugs are taking affect )