Integrating with the Perfect Pair: WebMethods and Dynamics CRM

If you’ve scoured the net lately looking for information on using Microsoft Dynamics CRM with the popular enterprise data integration platform webMethods, you already know that the results are few and far between, and any information that one may find ends up being mostly unanswered questions in forums. Ugh, the frustration! In today’s blog, we aim to fix that – at least somewhat! We’ll be answering some of your burning questions about webMethods and Dynamics CRM, so let’s get started!

Integrating Dynamics CRM with an application/API using webMethods is not terribly straightforward for older versions of webMethods, but the process becomes much simpler when using the latest and greatest version. For example, webMethods 6.5, a popular older version, has significant issues with connecting to Dynamics CRM 2015/2016. This version cannot properly consume the SOAP-based legacy web service for CRM and also cannot consume the new RESTful API (Web API Preview) because it cannot consume RESTful resources.

The solution that must be implemented here comes in the form of an intermediate console application/service proxy. This console application must supply a WSDL for the methods it contains so that webMethods can connect to the console application via the SOAP protocol. This intermediate service proxy should then be coded to contain just the methods that your business anticipates requiring for whatever resource is being integrated with Dynamics CRM via webMethods. The service proxy must then reside on a server within your environment (or in a fancy cloud VM like Azure). This server must have open connectivity with Dynamics CRM Online or your on-premises environment and must also have open connectivity to the webMethods Integration Server.

If you are able to start with or upgrade to the latest version of webMethods (version 9.9 as of this post) then you should be all set to connect to either the CRM legacy SOAP API or the new REST web API preview without any issues.

Happy CRM’ing!

Source: Powerobjects

webMethods 6.5 is long out of support as it is a really really old version. i do not see why anybody should connect a 6.5 webMethods to a 2015 ms Dynamics, imho this make absolutely no sense.
If you use a new system lime MS Dynamics, which as a cloud system get’s new versions on a regular base, you should use a recent version of webmethods as well.
This allows you to use cloudstreams, which comes with a ready to use connector for MS Dynamics making integration as easy as with all the well known adapters for webMethods. Or just get subscription for webMethods Integration cloud, if you do cloud only.