integrating with Salesforce using enterprise WSDL

When you use Salesforce it has an option of generating enterprise WSDL which is strongly typed based on your Salesforce implementation (this is not the WSDL used by the Salesforce adapter and I am not using the adapter here).

You can use this WSDL to create a WSD in Webmethods and it seems to work fine (though you get a few warning messages). Unfortunately though the schema in the WSDL does not exactly match up to what is needed by Salesforce so the DocTypes that are produced from the schema aren’t exactly what you need.

What is the best practice here? Do you go in and modify the DocTypes that are generated and change them to what is needed? Or do you manually produce Doctypes and ignore the ones produced by the WSD? Or maybe some other solution?

I’m new to webmethods so I apologize if my question isn’t clear or just plain stupid (please correct me if it is).

Does anyone have any experience with using the Enterprise WSDL from Salesforce in webMethods?


Hi Allen.

the best practise with webmethods is to use the cloudstreams connector offered by us (Software AG). This is preconfigured, does introspections like an adapter and takes those problems away from you.
Using the enterprise wsdl adds a lot of unneccessary overhead comperd to the connector, especially if the underlying objects in salesforce change.