Integrating with REST webservice

There is a new requirement from my end to integrate with an application that uses a new technology called Representational State Transfer (REST). If anyone here has done the integration, a little head start would be good.

Our Integration Server (v7.1.2) will be invoking the external server who has REST. They do not provide us with any WSDL file, but just the URL and XSD. Authentication method is SHA-1. How can we enable authentication with REST?


REST is not that new, but support for it is only now beginning to show up in tools (SoapUI 2.5.x is one). IS 7.1.x does not provide native support for providing or consuming REST services at present, so far as I know.

Typically, you’ll post an XML doc over http/s to an endpoint. IS has been doing that since its inception. Get the provider to send you an example, then use SoapUI or your favorite alternative web service testing tool to test your ability to call their service.

SHA-1 is not an authentication method, can you explain more about what the provider is requesting? SHA-1, like MD5 are simply digest or one-way hash algorithms. My hunch is that they want you to create a SHA-1 digest of a shared secret (password) possibly with other information such as timestamps or nonce value thrown in to prevent reply attacks. Then again, that’s just a wild guess on my part given information you’ve provided.