Integrate webMethods IS code with SonarQube

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WM IS 10.15

Detailed explanation of the problem:

We are trying to have sonarqube to do a code quality check with WM.
How do we get this done.
-Do we need to install plugin from Releases · I8C/sonar-flow-plugin (
-Is this the only way or is there any other possibility.

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Question related to a free trial, or to a production (customer) instance?


Hi All,

We have sonarqube server installed on common client location. And sonarqube scanner installed on same Linux machine where IS is present.
Now for us to execute the scanner we need rules to be present on sonar server.
So do we need the plugin mentioned above to create a rule on server.

I don’t know anything about SonarQube but any integration using Integration server can be done by specific or custom adapters or webservices or through a queue or may be with a file. That applies to every product. For example you don’t need to have SAP adapters to connect SAP to IS, instead you can import WSDL’s to integration server or manually call http client service within integration server. If SonarQube has Rest or Wsdl support you can use them or if it has some queue implementation somewhere you can just subscribe to those messages. Hope this helps.

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