Installing wM 9.7 & migrating 8.2

We have an existing install of wM 8.2 on AIX. We have three instances, eai, intgtwy, b2b. These instances are installed each in their own directory:


The instances have varying components installed:

eai - SAP adapter, JDBC adapter and broker(eaibkr) - This instance handles all communications between SAP & Legacy
intgtwy - JDBC adapter, MWS, Deployer - This instances is used for MWS and Deployer
b2b - JDBC adapter, TN, EDI, EDIINT - This instance handles all external communications

The eai & b2b instances publish back & forth via broker territories/gateways for inbound & outbound transactions.

What is the best practice for this type of configuration in wM 9.7.

We notice that the directory structrure has changed to include an /instances directory that looks to me like where the various instances should live. Is my thinking correct on this? IF so how would we install the various instances with the varying components across them?

The instances allow for running multiple Integration Servers with different package structures on the same binaries. This means all instances have the same patch level but may be setup with different Adapters and solutions. As they are running on the same machine they need different ports and they all go down if the underlying OS goes down.
The IS directory besides the instance directory is only the repository for installation of packages, Adpaters etc.
Wether it makes sense toutitlize instances or to make complete independent installations depends of your local scenario. For external communications it usually makes sense to place a server into the DMZ, which prohibits using the same server.
Details about how to set them up, place packages etc. are in the webMethods Integration Server Administrator’s Guide chapter Running Multiple Integration Server Instances.

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