Installing adapters only on W2K cluster

Has anyone installed the adapter process only on the W2K environment, if so how did you configure the cluster service for the adapter process?

We installed the JDE adapter on a Win2K cluster.
We installed it on machine1 and also on machine2 in the cluster, however the install directory is the same and residing on the shared-drive. Then we made sure that the adapters.cfg file is the same on both machines in the C:\Winnt folder.

In cluster manager, we defined the Win2kService as a member of a cluster group alongside the shared disk member in the same group. Now if machine1 dies, the shared disk and NTservice move over. Hope this helps.

Thanks for the info!

Hello Margaret,

Have you found any info on configuring adapters for brokers that are in a cluster?

Do you specify the broker at the virtual machine DNS, or do you config it to point to the individual brokers (would mean you do this twice for each adapter)?

We run the adaptors on the same 2 boxes as ES. Since the data area is on a shared drive, it seems like the adapters config would go there, rather than the C:WINNT\activesw\ dir. ??