Installer 6.5 not showing component selection list

I want to apply Trading Networks Console Service Pack 1 on my machine (wich already have tn 6.1 installed) and when I have to choose SP1 in the Tools list, it’s only showing me Tools with no items under it (Tools doesn’t expand) so the only thing I can check is Tools but that would install all Tools. Any idea why I’m not seeing any items ?


If you not seeing anything under tools it is possible that your image file does not include any tools and it may b ecorrupt.

I was able to run the installer & select components on other machines. I was also able to select components on my machine but only after creating a fresh profile/new user on my XP Pro machine.


if you try to download parts from webMethods via the installer be sure to select the correct version.

Otherwise it can happen, that you are not allowed to select the components you want.
In this case you should check with Advantage Team that they allow you the appropriate parts.