Hi Experts,

I have webMethods 8.0 version installed in my PC, all are configured MWS, Broker and DB tables and all are running fine.

Now I want to move to 8.2 version, I don’t have 8.2 fix image but I have full image file of 8.2 version.
1)If I install 8.2 over 8.0 in the same windows folder where the old 8.0 exits, will the version be changed to 8.2 and will the updates get installed properly, do I need to again configure tables for all (IS,mws) or not required in this case.

  1. If the above option 1 doesn’t work, then I will go with fresh installation of 8.2 version, after installation do I again need to configure the tables or not required.
    Please let me know best and easiest way



Method 1 won’t work. There are various ways to upgrade from 8.0 to 8.2 and you can find the upgrade documentation for that.

If the data is not important for you, then better create a new installation. But you will need to configure the databases again as there will be changes in the DB structure.

Thanks and Regards,
Ninad Patil