Installation Of Bam

Hello Experts,

              Can you please help me out for installing BAM.
  1. What are the necessary components(wM6.5) required?

  2. Does it support Oracle as databse with version

  3. What are all the do’s & dont’s while installting BAM on the existing setup of Webmethods6.5 & database(Oracle)?

  4. What are all the “System” hardware requirements for installing BAM?

Thanks in Advance,

Hi Raffim,
You’re best bet is to look on Advantage under iBookShelf → Installation. The answers to your questions are dependent on the versions.

One don’t:

Don’t attempt to install BAM / Optimize if you are new to webMethods and have not invested in product training. Installation and configuration of these products are not entry-level tasks and should not be assigned to junior personnel.