Installation as NT Service, Start and stop not reflecting in


We installed the webMethods Integration Server a NT Service and setup the StartUp type Automatic. It is working good, when you reboot the system or start the stopped webMethods Server.

Here is my problem

  1. When you try to stop or shut down the Integration server through the NT Service console, it says the server stopped but really it the webMethods Server is not Stopped.

2.When you start or stop the Integration Server outside the NT Service Console, the status is not reflected in the NT Service Console.

What shoud i do to this happen.Please advise


We had the same issue and was told to shutdown the IS from Administrator page only. Then stop the NT service.
Do not stop the NT service prior to the IS shutdown from Admin page, otherwise it gives some errors when you try to re-start the NT service (service is running etc…) and your IS crashes.
Hope this helps.