install webmethods integration server version 6

I have version 4.6 in a computer. Now I want to install version 6 of integration server on this machine. Should I remove version 4.6 first and then install version 6 or just install the new one?

The version 4.6 on my machine is a evaluation copy of integration server.



I’ve successfully installed both versions on the same machine before. There are two key things: 1) make sure your root webMethods directory is different, and 2) ensure that the JVM you have installed is a version that is compatible with both versions. (See the README files for your particular versions for the compatible JVM versions.) In your case, though, you may want to just uninstall the 4.6 version first, since it’s an eval copy anyway.

This is documented in detail in the book on Advantage Bookshelf called:

webMethods Integration Platform Upgrade Guide 6.0.1

Short answer is to install to a new place (not over top of 4.6). And you don’t have to uninstall 4.6 first.

Jay Gauthier