Inserting multiple records in to a database from a DSP page

i want to insert multiple records to database using DSP.i used Batch insert adapter service to insert multiple records.when i invoke this service from DSP it inserting only the first record.plz help me as soon as possible.

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I would suggest a format change on the variable you are setting in the dsp. I will assume you are using a form to imput data and submit. When you format the input type, try using this:


The after the name will send an array of data to the service so that you can loop thru the $_POST variables. Just remember to try this on all fields.

Maybe I am understanding the question incorrectly, but it’s worth a shot…

Ok that didn’t post correctly (HTML didn’t pass).

When you post the data from the input tag, use this ‘name=’ syntax:

name=“variableName” instead of name=“variableName”

Hopefully, this will post correctly…

hi Niegel,
thank u very much i got solution its simple when calling a service from a dsp use String list as input and name that input as the name given in HTMl page and add List to that name.

for example in HTML <input>

in flow service take input stringlist with name numberList.


for example in HTML <input type=text name=number

in flow service take input stringlist with name numberList.


hi krupa,
i am facing same problem can u explain in more detail what u did.

hi saritha,

  if you have given input name in the DSP page as "number" 

then in developer give input name as “numberList”(take stringList as input)
for example:
if u taken name like this in DSP " <input type=text name=admnno value=number >" then in developer take stringList as input in input tab and name it as admnoList.

if u have any other solution or questions please let me know.

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