Insert Notification - Clustering

Hello together,

we have the same problem as it was described already by other members of the community: We have two Integration Server clustered and we are not able to activate the same “Insert Notification” on both Integration Servers. If the “Insert Notification” is already enabled on one Integration Server, the try to enable the notification on the other Integration Server fails with the error-message that the Notification already exits. Unfortunately I didn’t discover any solution to this problem in the forum and in the documentations. Does anybody know how to solve this problem? We are using webMethods 7.1.2, for the notification settings “callbackScheme” is set to “1” and for all notifications the “runtimeModeLimit” is set to “distribute”. Thanks a lot in advance!

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Benedikt Krichel


Please try copying the insert notification from the server where it is created to the other server in the cluster, instead of creating the notification again.

Murugesh Vadivel.

Thank you for the suggestion. Sounds reasonable. I will try that.