Insert multiple records at a time

I have to insert overall 50,000 records, with 250 records everytime(batchwise insertion).I don’t want to call the insert adapter for every record.I will call the start and commit transaction services, before and after the 50000 records are inserted into database resp.

Can Java stored procedures help me in achieving this.
Can anyone help me in this.


Yes you can use stored procedures or the JDBC2.0 addBatch methods to execute a batch of sql commands.


Thanks for your mesg.
In webMethods, do we have any option for batch methods in jdbc adapter.


Hi Muralidhar,
WMJDBC adapter has adapter service for batch insert, which takes documentlist as input.

Hi Wm Experts,
Even i also have a scenario, where records are to be inserted into database in batch and i have implemented it using batch insert Adapter service(it’s working fine),But i have a query about the performance of both i.e.

Out of Stored Procedure/Batch Insert Adapter service which one is efficient in terms of performance??

My environment : WM6.1,JDBC Adapter6.0.3,Solaris9.

Puneet Saxena