Insert function

Hi All,

I want create SXS to add a NEW element in the document when ON INSERT event starts.

I can i do with OnInsert trigger?

In this trigger i can modify the value
or i can add new value in xml document during processing ??


Hi Michele,

The currently available ‘action triggers’ don’t allow to change the document being inserted, sorry.

Perhaps you can (mis)use a shadow function to store your changed XML document in the shadow. But you might encounter other problems on that way; I have no experience with the use of shadow functions as the ‘transformation triggers’ you need.

Best regards,

Julius Geppert
Software AG

I have a very similar problem…

Is it possible to modify the “incoming” document using the onInsert trigger with tamino 4.2 version?


No, ‘transforming triggers’ are not implemented in v4.2 and AFAIK not planned for the next release yet.