insert a picture on the mdi frame

hi everyone

i dont know its posible or not
by the way how coluld i insert a picture on the mdi frame?


If you want the Bitmap in the background of the MDI Frame, you can add it as a Wallpaper. If not, you can add it to a Dialog Bar in either of the edges of the frame.

thank you Author Michael
but when i stow the MDI Frame dialog it show me this massage
i use natural 5.1.1

Not all GUI elements are accepted directly in the MDI Frame, but most of them can be added in a Dialog Bar (which is accepted in the MDI Frame).

So the trick is to add a Dialog Bar to the MDI Frame, and add the Bitmap to the Dialog Bar.

I have attached an example where the light grey area in the left is a Dialog Bar with a standard Bitmap.